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Embedded with modern day technologies, BSN GROUP OF SCHOOLS is having Digital classrooms which offer an interactive environment to the students. The fully air conditioned classrooms provide a conducive and comfortable environment where in the students are unperturbed by the changing weather conditions.

2. Science Lab

BSN ACADEMY has well-equipped laboratories for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are two laboratories for each of the science subjects, one for classes IX and X, and the other for classes XI and XII. The aim of having separate labs is to provide ample time and adequate equipment for every student to perform the experiments as per the CBSE guidelines. All the laboratories are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care off.

3. Computer Lab

The school has computer laboratory which is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Computer training is compulsory for all students from Classes I to IX and optional for Class XI to XII. It is a place brimming with activity even during break times, when young enthusiasts are often seen engrossed in various self-enhancement packages. The latest computer journals are also available. BSN ACADEMY Five computer laboratories featuring over two hundred computer systems. The computers in the CBSE lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students of classes XI and XII to compile and run programs in Java with net beans and C++ along with Flash-8 applications as per the syllabus. The Senior, Junior and Sub-Junior Computer Labs, on the other hand,enable students to, Corel Draw, Java, Adobe Flash, Kid pix, Logo, Paintbrush, MS-Office, etc.

4. Library


� BSN School features two full-fledged libraries. The libraries provide quiet and tranquil environs where children can come to satiate their quest for knowledge. The Junior Library, keeping in mind the younger children, has been designed with colourful furniture and a vibrant environment to make the reading experience enticing. The libraries at BSN Academy are a rich treasure trove of encyclopaedias, illustrated dictionaries, and popular science books along with series such as Tell Me Why and the Book of Knowledge.They are well-stocked with classic, modern and contemporary works of literature in both Hindi and English languages. Moreover, there is a good collection of latest editions in career counseling, personality development, etc. Apart from books, both the libraries have a decent assortment of CDs of encyclopaedias, reading material on environment awareness topics and a wide range of fiction. The libraries also subscribe to a large number of journals and magazines to help students stay up-to-date with events from around the world as well as discover and explore new career avenues. With the aim of inculcating a lifelong passion for books and knowledge, we encourage all students to make the most of their library sessions.

5. Music & Dance


Music and Dance are fundamental to human nature and are rudimentary forms of independent and cultural expression. They are pre-verbal and are innate in children before they possess command over language and is elicited when thoughts or emotions are too powerful or too incomplete for words to contain. Opportunity to observe and learn as they enjoy. At BSN, we promote a rich environment with rhymes, songs, dance, musical games, language, body movement and instruments encouraging student's overall development.

6. Green Field

We believe in the propagation of the all round development of a child. With our vast sprawling green grounds, the students get an exposure to play to their optimal limits for the physical exercise which is a must as 'Sound mind dwells in a Sound body'. These grounds of the school serve as the right platform for the students.

7. Indoor Games

The school is season and taste friendly. It also offers numerous indoor activities for children to choose from. Different team activities and provision of training under skilled trainers in various games. These would definitely provide them change to enjoy the intricacies of game and remain energized. School has separate space for Yoga, Meditation, Aerobics and Dance : Giving an ideal solution to get your child, make it versatile, improve the metabolic process, reduce stress and tension and have more energy.

8. GYM

With the view of keeping our hostilities hale and hearty, we have a unique concept of �Open Gymnasium� within the school campus. The Gym is provided with latest machines catering exercising needs of every student. They get this opportunity twice a day!

9. Mess & food Corner

A big modern mess is operational for serving 220 students in one shift. A wholesome, balanced and vegetarian diet is provided to the students keeping in view of their body requirements on the recommendation of a dietician along with fresh milk.The stress is laid on the quality of the food to be served to the children. To provide a homely and a friendly atmosphere, teachers take their meals with the students.

10. Hostel

� BSN GROUP has comprehensive hostel facility for the boys of classes VI to X.

� The hostel covers an area of about 4280 sq. m. for accommodating large number of students.

� It runs under the supervision of experienced and matured wardens and security guards.

� Its beautiful landscaped campus provides an ideal environment to all students for a congenial learning experience.

� The dining services provide pure vegetarian nutritious meal (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) to students and the menu is regularly reviewed by a committee of students and faculty members in accordance with the tastes and likings of the students.

� Hostel also provides its residents an access to indoor and outdoor game facilities and recreational opportunities.

� Health and medical centre offers 24 hours care for all students as each student's health and welfare is of paramount importance.

� BSN GROUP provides a hygienic environment by providing room cleaning services.

� Laundry and Solar powered hot water facilities are there for the comfort of students.

� Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities to students who live in school hostel.

11. Swimming pool

Swimming pool can be a heaven for children on a hot summer day. It offers recreational benefits as well as exercise and relaxation. BSN GROUP OF SCHOOLS has a well-maintained swimming pool. Separate swimming coaches are available to train the students.