Primary Sports

The industry today seeks not just knowledge workers, but action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situations with ease.At BSN, the infrastructure has been designed with exceptional facilities for sports as well as recreational activities.
Regular participation in sport and physical activity is associated with a range of physical and mental health benefits both in childhood and adulthood. Active children generally become healthy adults and schools play a key role in contributing to that outcome.Sport is a compulsory and valued part of the curriculum and is an integral part of a child's development. School Sport programs include inter and intra-school competitive sport, outdoor recreational or adventure sports, fitness, sport development and physical recreation activities. The range of activities is immense, from the traditional and popular sports such as cricket, rugby league football, netball, hockey, softball and swimming, to the newer favourites such as canoeing, ice skating, martial arts, trampolining and skateboard riding.
School sport provides a vehicle for a number of social, physical, emotional and moral learnings and is an important expression of our culture. In school sport the prime concern is to give all students the opportunity for participation, enjoyment and skills development.Students are encouraged to participate in a way that suits their interests and abilities. During school sport students will develop a variety of skills that will equip them for lifelong participation in regular sport and recreation activities.